Selrahc's Ruby

Un voyage au monde du vin – A journey through the world of wine


I’ve decided to take the plunge and start publishing a blog on wines…

Yes, I do have another blog (Selrahc’s Platinum), but I wanted to have one that is more specialised for this topic.

Why wine? Simply because I really like wines, all kinds from everywhere. So much so that I’m actually registered in a part-time sommelier course!
So, reviews are my own – you only have me to blame!

And the name? It’s a colour for wine, it is a precious stone, and it is in line with other blogs I’ve had: Platinum is also on WordPress, Silver and Gold were previous ones where I work.

Oh…and this blog will be bilingual – so excuse my French / pardonnez mon anglais!

Je me suis finalement décidé à écrire un blogue sur le vin…

Oui, j’ai bien un autre blog (Selrahc’s Platinum), mais je désirais un blog plus spécialisé pour ce sujet.

Pourquoi le vin? Tout simplement parce que j’aime bien, peu importe le cépage ou la provenance. Je suis même inscrit à temps partiel à un cours de sommellerie!
Bien sûr, les analyses sont miennes – je suis seul à blamer!

Et au sujet du nom? C’est une couleur pour un vin rouge et c’est une pierre précieuse, donc en accord avec mes autres blogs: Platinum (platine) en est un autre sur WordPress, Gold (or) et Silver (argent) en étaient au travail.

Oh…et vous aurez deviné que ce blogue sera bilingue (français-anglais) – alors pardonnez mon anglais!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice blog! I love the bilingual. Always wanted to do that myself (German and English), but it turns out I am too lazy, and my writing styles are very different, so a simple translation won’t do. It would be writing two posts…how do you deal with it?

    • I decided to go bilingual mainly because I plan on reporting on many Ontario wines (therefore mostly English speaking) and I am taking my sommelier classes in French, which is also my mother thong. Knowing both languages, I actually do the translations myself. Sometimes I write in French first, sometimes in English, and yes, it does take longer to write.

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