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I’m sensitive…

Or at least, that’s my vinotype

Tim Hanni is a Master of Wine from the US who wants to change how we think about wines and wine pairings. As part of his work, he devised this simple test to determine what he terms your “vinotype”. I went through the test and it actually seems to work for me – at least it’s the definition with which I associate myself the most from his list.



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2 thoughts on “I’m sensitive…

  1. These vanity quizzes worry me. They reinforce us in our assumptions of ourselves. Basically, are you in a rut? Well stay there, because companies love easy demographic-generalizing statistics that allow them to sell to us consistently (watch his “How It Works” video). They make us feel special because we get to have “opinions”. Little do we realize, they were opinions already given to us. Tim Hanni didn’t become an MW by taking this quiz, nor holding to vino-type. Hanni learned about wine because he stopped caring about his opinion and learned to like and try all wine.

    • These types of replies always worry me – but then the web is full of them! (and that, in itself, is also what worries mee… 😉
      Personally, I pay as much credence to these polls as to those in magazines. They are interesting in that they give us an insight into the thinking of the writer. Does Tim Hanni have something interesting to say, I think so. And so does a whole many other wine writers throughout the world and blogosphere. Does he want to use any and all marketing tools to enhance the sales of his book? Why not? He has a goal with his web site and his quiz and it is to sell books. So of course he makes it easy to consume! After all, something that is not easy to consume on the web will typically not get a single look.
      In the interest of fairness, I tried that little quiz with many answer sets and it appears that a large majority of people will end up in the “sensitive” bucket. Food for thought, but it is, after all, more of a marketing tool than a real analysis!
      Strangely enough, some of the concepts that Tim Hanni brings forward are exactly those that you state in your comment: try as many wines as you can and find what you like!
      Now this brings me back to your rather vitriolic comments. Could you be guilty of projection? I know where my opinions come from and how they’ve evolved in response to reading many different books and tasting many different wines (and believe me, I have tasted wines that I would never want to drink again!). But I also like those little “vanity quizzes”, as you describe them, and find them amusing. I am also not blind to the reason why they are created in the first place.
      So am I vain because I take those quizzes? Not really. I think that I am vain because I publish a blog thinking that I have something to say that people will enjoy. And, I believe, so do you…

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